Saturday, May 29, 2010

Neglected and ignored but not forgotten....

I have been a bbbbaaaaadddddd blogger of late. Several months actually... But as some of you know, I have had a really good excuse. Really...I have! And if you don't agree, well I don't want to hear it! That's my story and I am stickin' too it!

I guess I will do a really quick (or not so quick) update of some of what has been happening in our part of the Laxton world. I guess it would start with our spur of the moment (really it was!) decision to move back to Ada. This was briefly touched on in a previous albeit a tad bit sappy post.

The boys all decided they wanted to go ahead and move with Roger. Kylie, Lila, Adri and myself - were going to stay behind to get the house ready to sell, let Kylie finish school in Allen and Lila have the baby in Dallas. In the meantime, I thought I would apply for a few jobs in anticipation of possibly going back to work. I figured it would take me a while to find something here. Roger and the boys came on up here and Mom almost immediately found us a great little house with 4 bedrooms. We decided to rent it and the guys would all live there until us girls were ready to join them and then Roger and I would find another house for us and Chris and Lila would stay in this house. I am not even sure if this plan was in place more than a week! I got a call from the Chickasaw Nation about a position I had applied for about coming in for an interview. They called on Monday - I interviewed on Tuesday - took/passed my drug test (studied all night long for that one!) on Wednesday - withdrew Kylie from Allen schools on Thursday - packed me and Kylie on Friday (Lila and Adri were already in Ada with Chris) and we hit the road to Ada for me to start working on Monday! Wait...that was NOT in my plan.

Even as nice as the 4 bedroom house was to find and as great as it was working for the guys, it was not large enough for eight people to live in. Not even for the short time while we looked for another larger rent house for us. Soooo, Roger dropped me and Kylie off at Mom's and went home! Mom and Dad were not sure what to think about him bringing me back home to them after 23+ years! Dad was mostly distressed by the fact that they were sure I didn't have "that" many clothes when I left! It was kind of like dating again...I would leave work, go to mom's to change out of my suit, go to Roger's to have dinner - then Kylie and I would head back to Mom's for the night. Quite strange...but we didn't plan on it lasting long. Little did we know that the rental properties in Ada are mostly small and to say this delicately...are a little lacking? And that is an understatement! Anything larger than 3 bedroom 1 bath is harder than heck to find! But God finally took pity on us and did at least provide a nice house for us...with a pool even! The down side is that it is only a 3 bedroom.

We discussed our options on how to make that work. The boys were not exactly open to the idea of sharing a room after 13 plus years of having their own. Luckily the house had a small room on the back that I guess you could call a sun room....maybe? It has a wetbar and is serving as Kylie's room. She loves having the wetbar in her room...she made Roger go get her sparkling grape and apple juice to put in "her" wine rack. And we had to immediately put "her" fancy glasses in the glasses holder. We got her new pre-teen bedding in bright pink, turquoise, purple and lime green - complete with 3 bright colored rugs. (Thank you to Joei and Trisha for helping talk her out of the trend trap of Hanna Montana bedding!!!) I still need to get some curtains for her, but it looks really cute!

The house is considerably smaller than the one we had in Texas, but the whole family is having a blast with the pool. Roger and I got some really pretty flowers and some floats and the pool area is ready for a party now! I actually got out in the pool and enjoyed it and a float for the first time today....maybe just a bit too long without sunscreen as I am now sporting my first sunburn in years! Don't is a mild one and should be fine tomorrow - so rest easy and don't worry about me. I am fine! But thank you all for your concern! <3

Let's see, what else has happened....Not much - but here is a brief list:

The boys ran track

Had Adri's 1st Bday party

Went to Cole's Bday party

Had Easter at Mamaw's

Cameron and Kindelle went to the Ada prom

Josh and Erin went to the Allen prom

Hired someone to fix up the Allen house to sell it

Attended Trenton's birthday party

Lila had the baby early (many other posts to come on this one I am sure!) - Alexis Grace

We listed the house for sale

Nana came to town to help with the baby and to attend graduation

Had Nana and Adri with us for several days because Adri got sick and couldn't be with the baby

Josh graduated from highschool

Roger broke his year 2 goal for projects won in month 2

I think that pretty much catches you up....add to that working fulltime and spending almost all of my free time unpacking and sorting through boxes and you know exactly what I have been up to! Any questions?

I won't even begin to try and list what I still have left to do...there are sharp objects in the house so it might not be wise for me to think too much about it!!!!