Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yet another!!!!

Proud Mommy post! We got a letter in the mail today informing us that Josh had been awarded the Allen High School's Eagle Scholar Award. And as recognition of this achievement, he would be receiving a FREE school letter jacket completed with an "Eagle Scholar" patch shaped like the state of TX.

Recipients of the award had to meet the following qualifications:

Score 2200 or better on the Reading and Math TAKS
Receive a 3 or higher on the Writing essay (Josh got a 4 which is the highest score possible)
and score a 2100 or better on the Science and Social Studies TAKS

We are extremely proud of the boy! He is doing awesome and working hard to keep his grades at straight A's!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Feeling buggy..

I think we have a mild bug going round the house. Cameron came home not feeling well on Friday, and off and on over the last few days Roger and I have felt a little yucky at times. Kylie was complaining her stomach hurt last night and then around 9 mine started. And then again this morning with Roger...

Fortunately with this bug you just FEEL sick and don't actually GET sick!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My sweet baby girl...

Sometimes being a parent can be hard...but once in awhile your kids do something that is so sweet and just erases all the sadness and pain!

Last night I logged Kylie in on my office computer for her to get on FB and play games. Because we have sent the upstairs computer to get "washed" and she doesn't have one right now. We have problems with my desktop maintaining a wireless connection. That was one of the main reasons I started using my laptop...which I love now. I don't have many options in that room as it is not hardwired for a connection. (Now back to the original story after that short detour.) So, she was having problems and instead of asking for help she opened word and typed this for me...

"Mom Love"

Moms you can't live with out there. They love you. They care for you. And they're the ones you love. They're there when you need them. They're there when you need a hug. They're there when you fall to help you get back on you're feet. They're there when you need a kiss. They feed you when you can't. They're there when you need help with something. And last but not least they are the very very best!

All I can say is wow! She printed it and put it in my chair. I am so impressed...I sure am glad we tried one more time for that baby girl!! sniff sniff

**not the best picture..I might can sharpen it up, but I still like it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fall is coming...

As soon as we can run off this rain! Enjoy this background while it lasts..I am hoping it will be my last canned freebie one and the next one you see here and on my photography blog will be custom blog designs By Lisa! lol

Proud Momma moment...

I just had to post and share some cool info we got today...Josh has straight A's and Cameron has all A's and B's! Josh said his Algebra teacher told him he got the highest score on their test out of all of his classes! We are extremely proud of both of go boys!

I know this is an older pic but the attitudes fit! lol

Sunday, September 13, 2009

To dance or to bowl...which is better???

Well, they did get some fun photos. I think they had fun...what do you think?

It was glow bowling night!

LOL....crazy kids!

Homecoming came and uhm...went!

Well tonight was the night! It rained pretty much ALL day today! Cameron got dressed and picked Kayla up. Roger let him take the caddy so they were ridin' in style instead in my mommy mobile! They took pictures at her house then came by here to do the same. They looked very snazzy. Dinner was a trip to the new BJ's here and then on to the dance. We got a call at 8:35 pm. They were still standing in line outside the school (in the sprinkling rain!) with a huge crowd of kids waiting to get to the door and be admitted. So the group had talked and decided that instead of continuing to wait, they would all load up and just head to the bowling alley! Well alrighty then! lol They came by the house and changed into goofy outfits and headed out to meet their friends.

I sent my little camera with them so maybe we will have some fun photos from that also! lol In the meantime, here are the ones I got tonight.

This is him auditioning for the Secret Service! I think he could get that gig! lol

OMG! He just got home and they got some hilarious pics at the bowling alley. I will save them for a post tomorrow!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Mums the word! It is Homecoming here in Allen...

and for those of you who don't know; that means mums. Mums of ever shape and size will make their appearance today at school. Some will light up, some will sing songs, some will be HUGE, and some will be GINORMOUS!

I made my first venture into "mum making" several years ago thanks to Chris. Chris gave a girl a mum every year and one year gave one 2! (1 in his school colors for his HC and 1 in her school colors for her HC) When we first began looking at mums I was shocked and amazed at what people were paying for these things! $40 for the small and mostly unadorned single mums - on up to $125 or more for the larger more elaborate triple + behemoths! I am pretty sure that one girl I saw one year has permanent spinal damage from carting the monster mum she was given around all day!

Well needless to say, there was no way "I" was going to fork over that kind of money for something I was sure I could make myself! So began my mum adventure...

I had absolutely no idea how to even I made a trip to Hobby Lobby land to do some recon. I learned that retailers take advantage of us poor mothers who out of the goodness of our hearts are trying to help our children send the other kids crying in shame at the awesomeness of the mum we made! (Oh, come on! Admit know its true!) On the homecoming isle you will find bears, cow bells, ribbons and such that are priced at least double what you will find them for in other locations in the exact same store! Point..bear on HC isle $4.99 - bear same size back in the doll making isle $1.99! And here is another tip for any mom who is about to jump off into mum making! Think out of the box and it will save you money! Go to the HC isle only for specific HC items...the mum, the backing cards, (or make these yourself from a Dr.P box - did that!) the little charms, etc... But before you go there, wander the store with an open mind and open eyes. Check out the Christmas isle...the miniature ornaments and streamers/garland for trees are perfect for mums. As are the floral decorative picks. Trim off the backs of decorative buttons (if needed) and hot glue them on! Use pipe cleaners and glitter...don't forget the wedding isle or the scrapbook sections. The 3D stickers can be cool, not to mention the glitter chipboard letters. But be careful! I can't always say I didn't spend way more than I had intended too on a mum, but I can say that mine were wayyy cooler than the ones those other mom's made! (modest ain't I?) And the Kroger/Hobby Lobby floral departments ain't got nothin' on me! lol HA!

And on a side note, other than this year with Cameron (due to last minuteness...) I always made the boys help me make them, so it is also a great way to get some quality one on one time with your kiddo and I only have one hot glue gun scar to show for it! Thanks Chris! ;)

So here is a photo montage of the progression of my mum making...(well the ones I can find digital pics of anyways!)

Chris' Junior year...Chris has a helping spirit - so he volunteered ME to HELP by making an extra one this year for her cousin or someone.

Chris' Senior year...

This one lit up and played music on the push of a button - she wanted big over the top I aimed to please! (she was a cowgirl..note the boots and hat - they are scrapbook supplies and the bird and silver ball are Christmas tree ornaments!)

Cameron's Freshman year...

Cameron has always been an "over the top" kind of kid so he wanted his huge. (she was a cheerleader - note the pom pons made from sparkle pipe cleaners and also the glitter chip board scrapbooking letters which I ran through my sticker machine to add adhesive!) I attached 2 good sized loops of ribbons to the top back to use at tabs for pinning the mum to her shirt.  I left the dangle ribbons a bit too long on this one and they had to be trimmed - least she trip and fall on her face at school.

Cameron's Sophomore year...

Kayla is on the swim team but I couldn't find any accessories to make a splash on her mum! HA! ba-dum-dum! (Josh! That was me laughing at my own stupid joke!) The new thing this year was a large loop of ribbon so the girls could wear them around their necks instead of pinned their shirts.

The dance is tomorrow night so stay tuned for pics of the cute couple all dressed up and looking adorable! (Ok...adorable might be a little preschoolish - how about incredible instead!)

(Josh just isn't a mum/homecoming kinda no mums for him.) (insert sad mommy face here)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Football time again!

This week the varsity had their game on Thursday so the JV games got moved to Saturday. Remember Cameron is number 46 and he is wearing the red under armour shirt with the white stitching. In the action shots he is either in pursuit or making the tackle.

In the standing still shots he is standing still! lol I was very upset about some shots I missed at this game though. At one point the boys had their opponents at their own goal line. I was all set up at the end of the line of scrimmage ready to get the shots...I had my 70-200 lens on and when I turned to take the shots the action was closer than the 70 and my camera would not shoot! The problem was that Cameron made a hit that caused a fumble and resulted in a safety!!!! I was there! I was ready! I had my camera up and in position!!! But noooooo!!!! I still didn't get the shot!!! I am soooo bummed! Oh well....maybe next time!

Running behind...

I haven't been doing very good at staying current on my blog here is a little catch up post.

School started!

Josh is a Senior this year (I know!! Can you believe it!?!?!?!) and Cameron is a Sophomore. So they are both at the high school. Of course, their schedules don't sync up so they can't really even ride together. Josh has a first period class and Cameron does not. So Josh has to be there around 8 and Cameron not until 9.

Kylie is growing up soooo fast! She is in 3rd grade now! Her teacher this year is Ms. Philips and Kylie seems to really like her.

Cameron turning 16 isn't new news but him getting his actually drivers licenses is!

I have to admit, that Roger and I were both more than a little concerned with how Cameron would do as a driver. He always does everything full bore, so there was always a real chance he would be a maniac driver. my surprise he has turned out to be a very calm courteous driver. I like to think is was all my teaching that did the trick! ;`) Since he did parent taught Drivers Ed (like all the boys), I get to take the credit! lol He is loving having that little bit of extra freedom. Even if he is only running to the store to get more milk...which he probably drank all of anyways!

I will be back later today with football pics from last Saturday's game.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Are you ready for some football?

Ready or not hear it comes! Cameron had his first real JV game last Thursday. I had a memory card issue and didn't get many pictures. But I am glad I figured out what was up with it! I had a ton of pictures on the card from an older shoot that I didn't delete. I couldn't see them because they were taken with a different camera so they didn't show up until uploaded the football pictures. I could see them on my computer. Lesson learned!

Cameron didn't get much playing time this week due to just coming off of injury the day before. He is usually 1st string linebacker, but only got in on about 7 snaps. (They put him back at 1st string yesterday at practice) He was very disappointed and it didn't help any that they lost the game to boot. Cameron is number 46 this year and is the one making the tackle in the pictures I posted. There not the best pictures I have ever taken, but they are pictures!

Oh! More good news is...I can officially go on the field at all the home JV games and take pictures! I have a field pass from the school! woohoo! No more, I am sorry Ma'am but you can't come out here! lol Maybe it will make for better pictures this year! Maybe....