Friday, July 9, 2010

Where oh where could they be???

Could someone PULEEEEZZZZE tell me where 2 - yes I said 2 - TWO!!!! of our cordless phones have totally disappeared to?!?!?!?!?!?!? I have looked everywhere I can think to look. I know they were here, so they weren't lost in the move - can't blame that. I have checked all the kids rooms, in the furniture, checked our room, under the beds, in drawers, in the garage...EVERYWHERE!!!!!! WHERE THE HECK COULD THEY BE???? If they show up at your house could you please send them home!!!!!!!! Thank You!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Life in Limbo

Warning - not really a bleeding heart post, but could be considered a whining heart post!

When I was younger I used to say that I wanted to be like Peter-Pan (Peter-Pan Ann - since I am not a guy)and never grow up! Now that I am older, I realize that I didn't really mean it! My birthday is rapidly approaching and I will be(mumble mumble) years old. In my life I have been happily married for twenty-three years, have 4 great kids, have had good success in my work life (considering I don't have my degree - which was a huge mistake on my part! Kids!!!! Go to college - get your degree - whether you are encouraged too or not - just do it!!!! You won't go back and do it later, so don't fool yourself!!!!) why do I feel like there is something missing? I don't mean that the decisions I made were wrong. Or that I regret any of them...that isn't it at all. I love my family! I wouldn't change that part of my life. It is hard to explain... I have so many things that I enjoy and keeping my modesty intact - I am at least pretty good at...but nothing that I feel defines me outside of my family. I guess I don't feel like I have found my "calling" in life. What is it I am supposed to be? Yes, a wife, yes, a mother...but does it make me a bad wife and mother if I feel like there is supposed to be something else?

Why is it that there isn't anything else yet? Am I too flaky to make a decision about what to commit too? Am I too lazy to put the work/time into what it takes to make this type of commitment? Will I ever find the answers to these questions?

I guess for now the only thing I can say is.. "Please be patient - God isn't finished with me yet.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kicking and screaming...

You know what they saying about how your body goes down hill after 40? About how your eye sight starts to fade, your saddle bags are saggier, your love handles are handier and most of your "assets" are starting to get closer to your knees!

Well for the sake of not totally embarrassing myself, we are going to limit this post (and all future posts for that matter!)to the first part of my list - my eye sight. Now since we have excluded all of my other ahem - "assets" (or liabilities as they are now!!!!!) my eye sight is something that I have held great pride in as I aged. When I have had my eyes checked previously I have always been able to read the very smallest lines and came away with at the very worst "almost" 20/20 vision. Woo hoo - go me!

Recently I have been noticing a few problems. When reviewing some of my photo sessions I have noticed occassions where a few of the pictures are focused on something other than the main subject. That is something I should have caught... Also, when using the double monitor at work I noticed I was having a hard time focusing on the smaller monitor and being able to read the words.

This was quite distressing to me, so I blamed a lot of it on my allergies which have been HORRIBLE since we moved back. The only thing reacting to them is my eyes. They burn, water and are extremely red most of the time lately. I have tried several different OTC medications/drops and even went to the doctor about it. He said I am not alone in my misery and gave me a prescription for eye drops.

That being said - I did decide it would be best if I went ahead and had my eyes checked to sure. I made an appointment with my cousin who is an eye doctor here in Ada and waited.

Once in the office, his assistant had me try to read the chart. "Read the smallest line you can." I tried as hard as I could but I could not read the bottom was fuzzy. I was a complete failure! I could read the second to the bottom line but that was not good enough for me! I want to read the bottom one dang it! It seemed no matter how hard I tried it wasn't going to happen. I felt like I couldn't get my eyes to cooperate and focus - TRAITORS! I kept blinking and blinking, but to no avail!

So I sat there in the chair with my failure sitting there with me and weighing heavy on me. Jeff came in and stuck that big ol' contraption in front of my eyes and began "Is this better or this? One or two? Three or four? Here or here?" I pouted and answered his questions begrudingly knowing in my heart I was getting ready to hear those dreaded words - "Well, you do need glasses." I DO NOT want GLASSES!!!!!!!

You have to understand that I have a history with glasses. When I was (lots) younger I had to have glasses...I don't know who helped me pick out my glasses but I think it was the same person who helped that hispanic guy on the last season of American Idol pick out his. I don't think I ever had a pair that was least not in the pictures my mom has. And to add to that I had a really bad habit of scrunching my nose up and "walking" my glasses up with my cheeks to push them up instead of using my finger. It was a habit my mother hated. So all I heard was "stop that...push your glasses up right!" I am pretty sure there was beatings and physical abuse involved! If you saw the pictures you would KNOW it was abusive to make a young girl walk around in public looking like that! And don't get me started on the Carol Brady hair cut on a 10 year old!

So needless to say I eventually stopped wearing them all together. Mom took me to get contacts when I was in 6th grade. I have astigmatism (impressed that I knew how to spell that aren't ya! Go look it up, it's right!) - and they did not make soft contacts to correct that and I went home with hard contacts. I was extremely dilagent about doing exactly as I was told. It was great having them...not only did it mean I didn't have to wear those gawd awful glasses anymore but they were also a great excuse to "have" to leave class and go "fix" my contact in the bathroom. BONUS!!! But alas, my new adventure was short lived. I woke up one morning with my eyes totally swollen shut! I tried as hard as I could and could not open them. Mom was sure I had fallen asleep with my contacts in..but they were in their case. I had never wanted to go to school so bad in all my life...I thought it would be so cool to have to be lead from one class to the next since I couldn't see. Mom said no and made me stay home. See! I told you I was mistreated! What a killjoy!

So I spent the next ????? years of my life not needing anything according to the Dr.s I saw and had no problems with my vision. Until now...

Jeff said that my problem was not with my actual ability to see - but with my ability to focus instead. Of course he had to add - that it was an ability that we lose as we get (you guessed it!) OLDER! So before he could say anything at all about glasses, I asked him if it could be corrected with contacts - because giving me glasses would be pointless since I probably won't wear them right. (I spared him the LONG story you have been subjected to here!) So he ordered me some trial contacts..I picked them up late this afternoon. I didn't have any problems putting them in and I plan to work my way into wearing them all day. My vision right now isn't great with them in...they take some getting use to and they are getting better as the evening goes on. Hopefully they will work and my focusing issue will be resolved!

So since that is all taken care of - I am going to refocus on improving my other "assets". If that doesn't work, I will have to take the contacts back out!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Neglected and ignored but not forgotten....

I have been a bbbbaaaaadddddd blogger of late. Several months actually... But as some of you know, I have had a really good excuse. Really...I have! And if you don't agree, well I don't want to hear it! That's my story and I am stickin' too it!

I guess I will do a really quick (or not so quick) update of some of what has been happening in our part of the Laxton world. I guess it would start with our spur of the moment (really it was!) decision to move back to Ada. This was briefly touched on in a previous albeit a tad bit sappy post.

The boys all decided they wanted to go ahead and move with Roger. Kylie, Lila, Adri and myself - were going to stay behind to get the house ready to sell, let Kylie finish school in Allen and Lila have the baby in Dallas. In the meantime, I thought I would apply for a few jobs in anticipation of possibly going back to work. I figured it would take me a while to find something here. Roger and the boys came on up here and Mom almost immediately found us a great little house with 4 bedrooms. We decided to rent it and the guys would all live there until us girls were ready to join them and then Roger and I would find another house for us and Chris and Lila would stay in this house. I am not even sure if this plan was in place more than a week! I got a call from the Chickasaw Nation about a position I had applied for about coming in for an interview. They called on Monday - I interviewed on Tuesday - took/passed my drug test (studied all night long for that one!) on Wednesday - withdrew Kylie from Allen schools on Thursday - packed me and Kylie on Friday (Lila and Adri were already in Ada with Chris) and we hit the road to Ada for me to start working on Monday! Wait...that was NOT in my plan.

Even as nice as the 4 bedroom house was to find and as great as it was working for the guys, it was not large enough for eight people to live in. Not even for the short time while we looked for another larger rent house for us. Soooo, Roger dropped me and Kylie off at Mom's and went home! Mom and Dad were not sure what to think about him bringing me back home to them after 23+ years! Dad was mostly distressed by the fact that they were sure I didn't have "that" many clothes when I left! It was kind of like dating again...I would leave work, go to mom's to change out of my suit, go to Roger's to have dinner - then Kylie and I would head back to Mom's for the night. Quite strange...but we didn't plan on it lasting long. Little did we know that the rental properties in Ada are mostly small and to say this delicately...are a little lacking? And that is an understatement! Anything larger than 3 bedroom 1 bath is harder than heck to find! But God finally took pity on us and did at least provide a nice house for us...with a pool even! The down side is that it is only a 3 bedroom.

We discussed our options on how to make that work. The boys were not exactly open to the idea of sharing a room after 13 plus years of having their own. Luckily the house had a small room on the back that I guess you could call a sun room....maybe? It has a wetbar and is serving as Kylie's room. She loves having the wetbar in her room...she made Roger go get her sparkling grape and apple juice to put in "her" wine rack. And we had to immediately put "her" fancy glasses in the glasses holder. We got her new pre-teen bedding in bright pink, turquoise, purple and lime green - complete with 3 bright colored rugs. (Thank you to Joei and Trisha for helping talk her out of the trend trap of Hanna Montana bedding!!!) I still need to get some curtains for her, but it looks really cute!

The house is considerably smaller than the one we had in Texas, but the whole family is having a blast with the pool. Roger and I got some really pretty flowers and some floats and the pool area is ready for a party now! I actually got out in the pool and enjoyed it and a float for the first time today....maybe just a bit too long without sunscreen as I am now sporting my first sunburn in years! Don't is a mild one and should be fine tomorrow - so rest easy and don't worry about me. I am fine! But thank you all for your concern! <3

Let's see, what else has happened....Not much - but here is a brief list:

The boys ran track

Had Adri's 1st Bday party

Went to Cole's Bday party

Had Easter at Mamaw's

Cameron and Kindelle went to the Ada prom

Josh and Erin went to the Allen prom

Hired someone to fix up the Allen house to sell it

Attended Trenton's birthday party

Lila had the baby early (many other posts to come on this one I am sure!) - Alexis Grace

We listed the house for sale

Nana came to town to help with the baby and to attend graduation

Had Nana and Adri with us for several days because Adri got sick and couldn't be with the baby

Josh graduated from highschool

Roger broke his year 2 goal for projects won in month 2

I think that pretty much catches you up....add to that working fulltime and spending almost all of my free time unpacking and sorting through boxes and you know exactly what I have been up to! Any questions?

I won't even begin to try and list what I still have left to do...there are sharp objects in the house so it might not be wise for me to think too much about it!!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

The time has come...

Well, the girls and I made it to Oklahoma tonight. We all join the guys on this new adventure tomorrow. Adri is starting it with a slight fever. Might be those 3 teeth coming in on the top. I have several things to post, but tonight...I am going to sleep. I will post lots more later! It has been awhile since I set my alarm for 5:45am! G'night world..see you bright and early tomorrow.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

New chapter in life some of you know things are really changing for the Laxton Family. It is 3 am and I can't sleep so I thought I would type a short post and share a new page with you all. We are in the process of moving back to Ada. And it is a process that is happening much faster than I expected it to. Roger and the boys are already a small rent house we found that Chris and Lila will stay in once we find a house large enough for us. I planned to let Kylie finish the year here and sell the house then join them.

I figured who knows how long it will take me to find work so I will apply for a few and see what happens. Well, long story short..I start in the HR Dept of the Commerce Division of the Chickasaw Nation on Monday! I guess you can say my head is really spinning right now...

Here is my most recent completion on trying to get my 2009 Project 365 pages done. Then I still have the rest of the year to finish!
Some of you may have seen it on facebook...I just never got around to posting it here.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My mind is whirling...fear and excitement blurs together

Boy do things change fast! Our whole world is changing now and all I can do is pray it is for the best and that it is His plan for us. I never really thought we would move back to Ada. Well, maybe some day to retire or something. But not really even then. I can't really seem to decipher all of my emotions about this... There are lots of pros and there are lots of cons. Since the last time I live there was right after I graduated...I feel a lot like that same scared lost teenager. Looking for the approval of people from whom I did not "need" it. Trying to fit in and at the same time wanting to just exist and not be noticed too much. To be noticed carried the risk of being hurt; to not be noticed carried the risk of being alone. Teenagers can be so cruel...and even all these years later some of the memories can still be painful. Which bothers me even more! I like to think I am not that same person. I am older, I am successful, I am why am I so emotional about it? I guess...I am human and change of this magnitude of any kind is scary. (It makes me wonder if I owe anyone out there an apology for the way I treated them in high school? Just in case...I am so sorry if I was ever unkind or thoughtless to any of you!)

It is scary to leave this place which on so many levels has become comfortable and familiar. Like your favorite pair of house shoes. Yet this town does not meet all of our needs..some of them it never has. And some things it no longer does. We leave behind, family and friends both old and new. And that makes me sad. Ada is a totally different place..I am a totally different person. Will my kids be happy there, are we making the right decision? Heaven only knows... I pray I can find my place there...a way to contribute and be happy and to once again call it home. We will work like it depends on us and pray like it doesn't!

(This is in no way a normal post for me...sorry for the depth. Guess I just needed to get it off my chest.) ;`D

Monday, February 15, 2010

Dallas Snow...the sequel! Part 2

Dallas Snow 2010- The Sequel! Part 2

Kylie and Roger made Mr. Tude a friend. We will just call him Big Dude! Roger wanted to made Big Dude BIG to see how long he would last once the snow started to melt. I will keep you posted. on that.

The battle was on...but didn't last too long. Kylie had a hard time launching her snowballs far enough to be effective and actually hit Roger.

I have no idea why this one loaded on its side, but if you turn your head sideways you see how it is supposed to look. I am sure no one will laugh at you while you do it!

I spent way more time helping Kylie build her fort than she spent defending it!

And last but not least - here is my most recent scrapbook page. Would you believe I even did a paper scrapbook page also! Can you imagine that?!?!?!?!?!

Snow pictures and a new Scrapbook page...Part 1

Well the final snowfall total was 12"! Can you believe that? 12" of snow in Dallas, TX! It is in the record books now. I think Kylie was in heaven. She and Roger spent lots of time outside building snowmen, a fort, having a war and just plain horsing around. Even after Dad had enough, she kept on and built herself a throne and some other "furniture". I guess she is an Ice Princess... Roger thought throwing snowball at me and "MY CAMERA" was a fun thing to do...I strongly disagree on many levels.
Chris went out to help Ms. Kylie with her first snow man.

This is Mr. Tude...cuz he is sporting an attitude! lol

Full length view..

Josh only stayed out long enough to exchange a few snowballs with Chris. Cameron played in the snow as well, just not at the house where I could get pics. He went somewhere to hang with people much cooler than us!

Kylie liked Dad's idea and threw snowballs at me and "MY CAMERA" as well. I will get even eventually...

This was her posed picture for the day.

Just playing with my camera a little when the snow first got heavy.

Full view of the house...although this was early on in the snowfall. Maybe only 3" or so...
I have more I want to add but it won't let me so...I am going to do a part 2.
To be continued...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow much fun! and a late Birthday post...

Well, if you didn't see it you may not believe it! It has been snowing all day long here and it is still going strong! Albeit not as heavy as earlier. I think this is officially record snowfall for the Dallas area! The roads have officially frozen...we know because Roger had to go pick Josh up at a friends because his ride had a flat tire. Chris got out today and helped Kylie make a snowman. The expression is hilarious! The eyes are black olives, the nose a carrot (obviously) and the rest is sticks. Kylie is read to make him a companion (her word - not mine) tomorrow - a real snow day for a change! She thinks a dog will be good.

Since I didn't get back to town until yesterday, I am late posting my Happy Birthday post to Chris. But that is ok...because of that, I get to post this picture of him on the birthday saddle at The Texas Roadhouse. Happy Birthday Babe! YeeHaw!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Josh is 18!!!

Can you believe it? Where has the time gone...where has my once sweet little boy gone? He has been replaced by some big ol' basketball playing dude! We went to our usual family dinner a night early this year because Josh had plans for tonight with "important" people. Not sure if it was the Red Lobster or something else, but several of us ended up getting sick. It start in the middle of the night. Cameron and Lila had it worse than the rest of us, but it seems to be over for the most part.

I made him a is still in the kitchen looking just like this. His plans were SOOOO important, he left before we got to the cake! We should have cut a big corner of it to eat while he was gone!

This was the best picture I was able to get..I should have posted the bad ones!

It is hard to imagine that in June Josh will graduate and be heading off to college somewhere. Wow...Happy Birthday Dude!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ree Drummond - The Pioneer Woman

Have you heard of her? No? Where have you been? Under a rock? I guess I have to say I don't really know that much about her. Just the little bit I have read on her blog..she has three by the way. One about cooking, one about photography and one about everything else!!!! And I do mean everything. She is too funny and sometimes I actually laugh out loud!

I think she and Martha Stewart were twins (not identical of course - Ree is much cuter than Martha!!) that were seperated at birth. Ree started out in the city and ended up a country girl. I think she was always a country girl at heart..she just had to play in the mud (and manure) for a while to find out! I pop in on her blogs every once in a while, though I rarely comment...that is because she has like a billion readers and I feel like my comment buried a mile deep wouldn't really matter much.

A while back I read that her new recipe book was coming out and she was going on tour. And that was really the only thought I gave to it. Then for Christmas, Liz gave Lila and Chris her new book. Last week Chris and Lila made her chicken fried steak and then tonight I made the cube steak sandwich recipe that is her husbands favorite. Let me just say...Oh my freakin gosh! (pardon my french!) These are 2 of the best meals I have had in quite some time! I am convinced that she made the sandwich for "The Marlboro Man" while they were dating - at which time after the first bite, he immediately turned to her and dropping to one knee begged her to marry him! I am sure that is how it happened! I just know! Seriously..this stuff is so good, it might would have convinced me to marry her! Well, ok...maybe not. But you get the point!

Prior to this, I hadn't really given her book much thought. But now, since Chris and Lila will eventually move out...I only have a few options. Buy my own copy of the book, hide it while they are packing and hope they don't notice or take them to court and fight them for custody!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

For my friend Deann

Today's class went really well. Once the class was over we made a quick trip to buy some groceries and I came home to find harrassing messages from my dear friend and student... ;`P

So here are some pictures of how I spent the rest of my afternoon just for her.

Southern Salsa and chips for an afternoon snack! The roast smells yummy cooking...

And then I made some dessert for tonight...although I didn't wait to try them out.

Yummy! Whatever Deann!!!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

One more down...plenty left to go!

Apparently these two weeks were mostly about Cameron! I guess that is ok...he deserves a week or two every now and then!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Week...week...week - What week I am on now?

Well I am happy to say I am now done with weeks 34 & 35 and ready to move on down the road...errr uhm...calendar!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


One more LO done! Weeks 32 & 33 are finish!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Rockin on!

Lots has been going on since I last posted on the 4th. Here is just a few things...

Kylie has been learning to ride the bike she got for Christmas. She is doing great! She had given up bike riding for her scooter since she crashed her old bike when she was younger.

Adri has been learning to make faces! She is too funny!

And I have been busy catching up on some scrapping...among other things!