Saturday, December 27, 2008

Whole other ball game!

Well, I have to say that skiing in December is very different than skiing in March! Not only was this our first trip here was our first trip that wasn't over spring break. Some of our gear just wasn't up to -3 degree weather! We headed out as usual around 8:30 am and were one of the very first people to hit one of our favorite slopes. Tomahawk had maybe one or two ski tracks in front of us when we got there. Another difference was POWDER!!! Tons and tons of powder. I looked down as I started out on Tomahawk and my skis and feet up to my mid-shins were buried! It was kind of like learning something totally different to ski in this stuff. It was a lot more work!
By the time we got to Rendezvous (a hilltop restaurant) my feet and fingertips were numb. My socks and gloves just weren't what I needed. Roger had to ski the last bit without his goggles because they frosted up on the INSIDE and he could not see. When we got to Rendezvous his eyelashes were freezing together! After some hot cocoa and a little break we started to head back down the mountain to adjust our gear. We realized that it was only a little before 10am! OMG! Time flies when you are freezing!
I got new gloves and added my warmer socks, took a small break in the room and Roger headed back up. Roger hit some tougher slopes without me and was pooped. We met up later and went back to Tomahawk for one more trip from the top. Tomahawk was nice and we enjoyed our trip down the hill. We realized why there were so few people this morning though....apparently in Dec. people wait till a little later to let it warm up some before heading up the mountain. Sissies! :)
We have reservations tonight at Hazie's, a restaurant on the mountain top for our anniversary dinner. I am hoping to get some good pics up there tonight...but we will see. We did take a couple of goofy ones earlier that I will post for you.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Steamboat Springs, CO

We are now in Steamboat for the weekend. Roger and I that is. Tomorrow is our 22nd anniversary. Roger and I first came to Steamboat skiing with the youth group in highschool. This is our 7th trip here and our first ever trip alone. It is in the lower teens here and quite a bit colder that when we usually come in March. We came through a pretty good snow storm coming in, so the mountain should have fresh powder for skiing in the morning! I took a couple of pictures on the way up that I thought I would share with everyone.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Merry Christmas!!!

The stockings are unstuffed, the packages are open, the mess cleaned up, the turkey and dressing are cooking and we have already eaten an entire pumpkin pie! I hope your holiday is going as well as ours is! We love and miss you all! Have the very merriest of Christmas holidays!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Tombtown, AZ

Well, we are in Arizona now. Our first day here, we all jumped in the bus and headed to Tombtown! Also known as, Tombstone, AZ. This a trip we took mainly because lil' miss Kylie wanted too. This was her 3rd trip down there and she is the reason we started calling it Tombtown as that is what she said when she was little. She doesn't call it that now and she corrects the rest of us when we do. Of course we do it anyways. We stayed in a bed and breakfast that had a balcony over looking the main street there (Allen Street). It was a neat place to stay, although probably funner at a busier time of year.

We did a couple of tours, like the haunted history tour that Disney has there and Bird Cage Theater. It was actually kind of neat to read and hear about all the history that happened there and already have seen the Tombstone movies. Obviously, not everything in the movies is acurate, but some of it ties to what they say in their narratives. We also rode the the stage coach on a short tour that was kind of nice, but we could have done with out the gas the horses were passing back our way!!! Nasty!!!

Kylie had been looking forward to the Haunted History tour and was really having fun, then at the end of the first scene they have little air hoses pointed at the audience and they go off with a popping sound. We all jumped at the first one...then the first thing she did at each location was to look for the air hoses! It was a walking tour where you pushed a button when you were ready to watch it and she scooted a little further back each time. It was cute.

Of course, as always we stopped at Boot Hill on the way out of town... I think it is a little strange to wander around and look at headstones, but I have to giggle at the one that says, Here lies Lester Moore, 4 slugs from a 44 - No Les No more! I guess Les is probably way more popular in death than he was in life!

Since we are back in Phoenix now, we are working on all the final details of Christmas and waiting for the arrival of the jolly fellow!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My husband..

You know, as husbands go, I lucked out and got a pretty good one. Of course, he isn't perfect, he is still a man after all. But when compared to other husbands/men....he get pretty darn good marks! I had been noticing lately that I had been getting a lot of good pics of him and decided to do a page dedicated to him. I know I don't tell him often enough (partly because I rarely see him lately!) how special he is to me and what a blessing he has been in my life. It is easy sometimes to take for granted those things/people who just seem to have always been there and that you can always count on. So during our anniversary month, I have done a page just about him.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Making a list and checking it twice!

Why does it always seem like there is so much to do? I still have shopping to do that we have put off until we get to Phx so we didn't have to ship a bunch of stuff out there. I did do some online shopping and got a few things taken care of. Now I am trying to make sure we have all the clothes clean, ski stuff together, etc. etc. etc. I did stop long enough to do a new page last night. It is some of our Hawaii pics from 2007. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Where are you?

I got an email from my blog (aka Liz) today asking where I have been. Well, I can't really say that anything in particular has been keeping me from posting. I have been working on more stuff around the house again, painting more trim work, putting out some decorations..etc I haven't done many scrapbook layout either, so my blog shouldn't be getting jealous of my Photoshop program either. I have done a tutorial or two and I did one layout, but that is about all. So, like I said, there isn't really any thing I can point to that explains why I have neglected my blog recently. I guess it is just one of those things that happens! ;)

I will post the one page I have done since I last posted....

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Scrapping Fool! are 2 more layouts that I completed and had not posted yet. I got a new kit from the designer today so I will be doing something with it soon.

Home Alone..

Well not really. Roger, Chris, Cameron, Justin (friend of Chris') and Jim left this afternoon to go pheasant hunting in Lubbock. Chris got one last year that we got mounted and it is now hanging on the wall in Roger's study next to Josh's deer. This is the 3rd time that the guys have made this trip. Papa Eddie was supposed to join them but he ended up getting sick and Oklahoma over Thanksgiving and had to bow out of attending. Josh was planning to go but ended up needing to work so he is here with me and Kylie. I don't think the trip is as much about getting anything as it is about just hanging out and spending quality time together. I know that is what Papa Eddie was looking forward to. He enjoyed the trip a lot last year.
Liz sent me a Dec. daily photo challenge and I have not been very good at keeping up with it, so I have to get on the ball with that one. I completed two more Christmas 2007 layouts today! At this rate I should be all caught up, uhmmm sometime in 2011! ;)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Wonder

I was contacted by a designer to be on her Creative Team. Basically this means I will get a free set of her kits and in exchange I will create a layout using it to be posted as a sample of what can be done with her kit. Here is what I created with her newest christmas kit. I bet Liz likes this LO!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Not much happening...

I don't really have a lot to post about. Roger made it home safe and sound last night and his meeting went really well. They have created a new department under him and added a good number of headcount. This is really good for him because they were struggling to keep up with not enough people to do it with and part of what he was responsible for was under someone else's control and that caused issues. It will now be consolidated under him, so he is happy.

Tennis has started back and I am now in Learn and Play 1. We drill for 45 mins and then play doubles for 45 mins. I am really trying to focus on dropping a few more pounds before the holidays so this should help!

I got one more page done..which is good since I am wanting to give some of them as a christmas gift. Thats all for now!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Know who your friends are...

It is important to know who your friends are...I have always thought I was Liz's favorite SIL. She has always been super helpful when I start something she has already had experience in. So I have really been trying to return the favor and let her know when I find out about anything new she might not know about.

But she has been holding out on me! I found out about a really cool time saving extraction tool last night, so the first thing I did was drop Liz an email to make sure she was well informed. I wake up this morning to an email that says...Oh, yea..I use it already. Hello...friend! Did you not think I was worthy to know about this? Just think of all the time it would have saved me! Now I see how you are....