Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My mind is whirling...fear and excitement blurs together

Boy do things change fast! Our whole world is changing now and all I can do is pray it is for the best and that it is His plan for us. I never really thought we would move back to Ada. Well, maybe some day to retire or something. But not really even then. I can't really seem to decipher all of my emotions about this... There are lots of pros and there are lots of cons. Since the last time I live there was right after I graduated...I feel a lot like that same scared lost teenager. Looking for the approval of people from whom I did not "need" it. Trying to fit in and at the same time wanting to just exist and not be noticed too much. To be noticed carried the risk of being hurt; to not be noticed carried the risk of being alone. Teenagers can be so cruel...and even all these years later some of the memories can still be painful. Which bothers me even more! I like to think I am not that same person. I am older, I am successful, I am strong...so why am I so emotional about it? I guess...I am human and change of this magnitude of any kind is scary. (It makes me wonder if I owe anyone out there an apology for the way I treated them in high school? Just in case...I am so sorry if I was ever unkind or thoughtless to any of you!)

It is scary to leave this place which on so many levels has become comfortable and familiar. Like your favorite pair of house shoes. Yet this town does not meet all of our needs..some of them it never has. And some things it no longer does. We leave behind, family and friends both old and new. And that makes me sad. Ada is a totally different place..I am a totally different person. Will my kids be happy there, are we making the right decision? Heaven only knows... I pray I can find my place there...a way to contribute and be happy and to once again call it home. We will work like it depends on us and pray like it doesn't!

(This is in no way a normal post for me...sorry for the depth. Guess I just needed to get it off my chest.) ;`D

Monday, February 15, 2010

Dallas Snow...the sequel! Part 2

Dallas Snow 2010- The Sequel! Part 2

Kylie and Roger made Mr. Tude a friend. We will just call him Big Dude! Roger wanted to made Big Dude BIG to see how long he would last once the snow started to melt. I will keep you posted. on that.

The battle was on...but didn't last too long. Kylie had a hard time launching her snowballs far enough to be effective and actually hit Roger.

I have no idea why this one loaded on its side, but if you turn your head sideways you see how it is supposed to look. I am sure no one will laugh at you while you do it!

I spent way more time helping Kylie build her fort than she spent defending it!

And last but not least - here is my most recent scrapbook page. Would you believe I even did a paper scrapbook page also! Can you imagine that?!?!?!?!?!

Snow pictures and a new Scrapbook page...Part 1

Well the final snowfall total was 12"! Can you believe that? 12" of snow in Dallas, TX! It is in the record books now. I think Kylie was in heaven. She and Roger spent lots of time outside building snowmen, a fort, having a war and just plain horsing around. Even after Dad had enough, she kept on and built herself a throne and some other "furniture". I guess she is an Ice Princess... Roger thought throwing snowball at me and "MY CAMERA" was a fun thing to do...I strongly disagree on many levels.
Chris went out to help Ms. Kylie with her first snow man.

This is Mr. Tude...cuz he is sporting an attitude! lol

Full length view..

Josh only stayed out long enough to exchange a few snowballs with Chris. Cameron played in the snow as well, just not at the house where I could get pics. He went somewhere to hang with people much cooler than us!

Kylie liked Dad's idea and threw snowballs at me and "MY CAMERA" as well. I will get even eventually...

This was her posed picture for the day.

Just playing with my camera a little when the snow first got heavy.

Full view of the house...although this was early on in the snowfall. Maybe only 3" or so...
I have more I want to add but it won't let me so...I am going to do a part 2.
To be continued...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow much fun! and a late Birthday post...

Well, if you didn't see it you may not believe it! It has been snowing all day long here and it is still going strong! Albeit not as heavy as earlier. I think this is officially record snowfall for the Dallas area! The roads have officially frozen...we know because Roger had to go pick Josh up at a friends because his ride had a flat tire. Chris got out today and helped Kylie make a snowman. The expression is hilarious! The eyes are black olives, the nose a carrot (obviously) and the rest is sticks. Kylie is read to make him a companion (her word - not mine) tomorrow - a real snow day for a change! She thinks a dog will be good.

Since I didn't get back to town until yesterday, I am late posting my Happy Birthday post to Chris. But that is ok...because of that, I get to post this picture of him on the birthday saddle at The Texas Roadhouse. Happy Birthday Babe! YeeHaw!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Josh is 18!!!

Can you believe it? Where has the time gone...where has my once sweet little boy gone? He has been replaced by some big ol' basketball playing dude! We went to our usual family dinner a night early this year because Josh had plans for tonight with "important" people. Not sure if it was the Red Lobster or something else, but several of us ended up getting sick. It start in the middle of the night. Cameron and Lila had it worse than the rest of us, but it seems to be over for the most part.

I made him a cake...it is still in the kitchen looking just like this. His plans were SOOOO important, he left before we got to the cake! We should have cut a big corner of it to eat while he was gone!

This was the best picture I was able to get..I should have posted the bad ones!

It is hard to imagine that in June Josh will graduate and be heading off to college somewhere. Wow...Happy Birthday Dude!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ree Drummond - The Pioneer Woman

Have you heard of her? No? Where have you been? Under a rock? I guess I have to say I don't really know that much about her. Just the little bit I have read on her blog..she has three by the way. One about cooking, one about photography and one about everything else!!!! And I do mean everything. She is too funny and sometimes I actually laugh out loud!

I think she and Martha Stewart were twins (not identical of course - Ree is much cuter than Martha!!) that were seperated at birth. Ree started out in the city and ended up a country girl. I think she was always a country girl at heart..she just had to play in the mud (and manure) for a while to find out! I pop in on her blogs every once in a while, though I rarely comment...that is because she has like a billion readers and I feel like my comment buried a mile deep wouldn't really matter much.

A while back I read that her new recipe book was coming out and she was going on tour. And that was really the only thought I gave to it. Then for Christmas, Liz gave Lila and Chris her new book. Last week Chris and Lila made her chicken fried steak and then tonight I made the cube steak sandwich recipe that is her husbands favorite. Let me just say...Oh my freakin gosh! (pardon my french!) These are 2 of the best meals I have had in quite some time! I am convinced that she made the sandwich for "The Marlboro Man" while they were dating - at which time after the first bite, he immediately turned to her and dropping to one knee begged her to marry him! I am sure that is how it happened! I just know! Seriously..this stuff is so good, it might would have convinced me to marry her! Well, ok...maybe not. But you get the point!

Prior to this, I hadn't really given her book much thought. But now, since Chris and Lila will eventually move out...I only have a few options. Buy my own copy of the book, hide it while they are packing and hope they don't notice or take them to court and fight them for custody!