Thursday, February 26, 2009

Off and running...

Well, I am off to a pretty good start today. Showered and clean - check, Bed made - check, dishwasher unloaded and breakfast dishes loaded - check, laundry sorted and started - check, windows open and breeze blowin - check!, birds chipping - check (OK, I didn't make that happen - but I can enjoy it!). I am going to try and get at least a couple of my pictures for my Unit one lesson done today..I would like to send it in to my instructor this week. I also need to start my self paced photo editing class. Gotta keep moving...what have you accomplished so far?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New York Institute of Photography

Well I finally started my NYIP class. I need to do the photo assignments. I have to say that Unit one was very basic in that it went over everything about film, digital, printers, scanners, computers...the works.

I read most everything and there was some things that were new to me...but for the most part this was a review. I can't wait to get into the new stuff that I don't know.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I took this picture of Kylie today. I thought it was sooo cute I just had to share it...


Ewww!! A critter - presumably a rat has gotten stuck in our chimney! We have tried a couple of different ways to see if we can see it or get to it, but to no avail. So we have a couple of options..

1. Pay someone who knows how much money to come out here take apart the fireplace flume and retrieve the critter - that they will then take out and "dispose" of..

2. Sit here and listen to it scratching and clawing away trying to get out and hope it doesn't figure out that 8" high tube in the middle is a faster way out and decide to make one last valiant attempt at freedom and succeed into my living room! Yes, the flue (sp?) is closed, but that just makes it a flipper door!

3. Lite the fire and try to help it make a quick, peaceful transition to the other side and on to a better place that does not involve my house at all!

And why does it bother me at all that something that I put out poison for in the garage to get rid of is dying a slow and not so silent death in my chimney? Because when they eat the poison in the garage...they go off and die someplace else and I don't have to listen to it doing so!

TTYL..I have to go put my headphones on and crank up my iPod! Ugh!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Some people!

I just don't understand some people. You try to do something nice for them. Looking out only for their best interest...trying to keep them out of trouble. Just trying to be a true friend...and what do they do? Call you a name! Can you believe that? A name! It is just rude and inconsiderate. You try to be helpful and give them a friendly reminder, but do they thank you? Noooo....not even close! Instead they insult you! Can you imagine the hurt...the tears....the emotional scars that may never heal! How do you deal with this kind of pain? How do you go on? You know how?

You tell on them! Yep, that is what you do. So, with that in mind I am telling! Tattle-telling! Ratting her out! I simply sent ahem, dear, sweet, (cough - cough) loving, SIL a small email reminding her that she would be in trouble with her dad if she didn't post to her blog soon. And how does she repay my kindness? She called me smelly! You all know how sensitive I am! I am crushed!

Not only was I looking out for her, but her whole family! Poor Bob hasn't had any blogs to read or comment on so you know he is about to burst! And just think about Carol! Living with Bob and all his pent up comments! Poor thing...and if that isn't enough, he will start harassing Maria because she has been MIA lately also. And since Theresa lives there, he might just drive over there! You see where this is going? And it is all Liz's fault! She is to blame for it all! Every last bit of it. And I haven't even mentioned Nana..way out there in Arizona. All alone, checking the blogs several times a day just looking for any scrap of information on the family that she loves so dearly and misses sooooo deeply. But did Liz think about her? Noooo! All she can do spend her time trying to come up with names to call poor, innocent, helpful people!

Are we going to stand idly by and let this type of abuse go on? NO! We will stand together and hold her responsible for her actions! Not to mention her inactions! So go forth people and call her out! Don't let her get by with causing chaos and wreaking havok on our entire family! Go!

(That outta teach you to call me names Liz, you ol' meanie you! hmpf! I might be a stinker sometimes but I am not smelly!!!)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good thing or bad thing...

Tonight while Kylie was sitting with me in my chair, she said "You smell like Nana." I do? I asked. "Yep." she said.. I showered today! I need to remember to ask her in the morning if that is a good thing or a bad thing... ;)

It's basketball baby!!!!

I finally made time to finish my last layout for the class I was taking. I did change mine drastically from her sample because a lot of her elements didn't go with the subject of my pictures...It's basketball baby!!! Her pictures were of coloring eggs on Easter. I needed to make mine more masculine and sporty than hers. So, I went with a basketball kit that I had and some different brushes. I am really pleased with how both the pictures taken in the gym (not easy to get good ones) and the layout it's self all worked well and looks good together!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Be my Valentine....

I got Kylie's class party layout done. It has more "open" space than I usually have, but I think I like it this way.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Another project 365 layout done!

I have finished weeks 6 & 7 now! we spent most of the day yesterday outside trimming the trees in the back yard. We can never seem to get grass to grow back there. Obviously some of the problem is 2 dogs back there, but we don't think that is all of it. We cleared out some branches to let the sun through and we will try again this year! It was actually quite nice out yesterday and I enjoyed getting out and working in the yard. I wasn't real enthused about Roger up in a tree with a chain saw, but we avoided having to make an ER run so all is good!

Today is a holiday for the kids and Roger's office, but this time of year there is no such thing as a holiday for Roger. He did go in later than usual this morning as it was 9:00 before he left, but that may just mean he will be that much later coming home.

Hope everyone has a great week!

PS...if you ever have trouble reading the journaling or anything on a web page for that can hold down the control key on your keyboard and use your scroll wheel on your mouse at the same time. This will enlarge the picture on your screen - font and everything. Note that you will have to scroll it back down or it will stay this size. Which as we get older might not be a bad thing! ;)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Celebrate love...

Ahh, Valentine's Day...The day of love, the day that lovers look deeply into each others eyes and reflect introspectively about why they are together, the day of flowers, candy and diamonds, the day of hearts, the day of 9 hours of sitting on middle school benches watching high school boys basketball, the day of ibuprofen and anti-flamatory medication for back pain, the day of turning your seat heater on as a heating pad on your way home. read it right 9 hours!

But in the end it was all worth it. Both boys teams won and clinched 1st place in the regular season along with a 1st round bye in the tournament. They have one more regular season game before the tournament begins and both are looking forward to it.

Valentines day did come with flowers and more heart shaped donuts from Roger.

Aren't my flowers beautiful!?!?! Roger did good. He got Kylie a flowering plant...hopefully she has a green thumb!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Check please...

Well, we finally got to go out to dinner for Chris's birthday last night. Chris usually picks a steak house for dinner. My husband decided to a NICE steak house for dinner. You know the kind....the ones that charge you to walk on their sidewalks out front. Well, needless to say the look on the boys faces when they saw the price list was well "priceless". I would have loved to have had a picture of that, but it would have been extremely uncouth to pull out my camera and snap the shot! The food was great and I was surprised that even their cooked carrots, which I usually won't eat, were very good. Strangely enough, they found a way to make them taste like cinnamon apples! The dinner went well and everyone was on their best behavior.

Now my question is...How do I get the kids to always be on their best behavior when we go eat out at the local establishments, that don't require a 2nd mortgage to dine there?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

19 years ago today..

I was at the hospital having just given birth to my first baby. Chris was born 2 - 1/2 weeks early. The pregnancy and delivery were both pretty easy. And as far as babies go, he was a good baby. The only problem we ever had with him was getting him to go to sleep. He would not go down by himself...he wanted to be rocked. And if he woke up during the night you had at least 1 hour of bottle and rocking to get him back down. He didn't go through the terrible two's...when he became a big brother, he was an awesome one. He was so sweet and caring and smart. Now he is 19 years old and studying to be a firefighter! If someone had asked me when he was a baby what I thought he would grow up to be, I am not sure what I would have said. But I have to say, he loves this and I think it is a great match for him. He loves the excitement and he still likes to help people.

Happy Birthday Chris!

Seafood anyone?

I will usually pass on any offer of seafood. It has never been a favorite of mine. Now, most of my kids (with the exception of Kylie) will eat most items that Roger will. On the 25th of January, Roger and Josh made a trip to the store to get something for dinner. They picked out seafood and worked together to figure out how to fix it.

Roger has more recently become quite advenureous in trying different food and learning/experimenting with trying to cook something new. I think the more I take the daily pictures the more the kids will just learn to accept it, smile and get it over with so momma won't blow a gasket. You know the saying...If momma ain't happy - ain't nobody happy! They are lucky I am mostly happy! :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Week 6 ... time flies!!!

Ok...I have finished page 1 of my Week 6 and 7 layout for the Project 365. I have found that it is faster and easier to use a template. I have collected lots of templates to use, but I seem to end up using ones I got from Lorri's Scraps most often. Here is the one I finished today.

Heart of...Gold!

Or chocolate? Ever heard of Jump Rope for Heart? Well Kylie brought home a donation form for it the other day. I have to say I get really really tired of all of the fund raisers the school sends home. They use these cheapy toys as a lure to hook the kids into thinking they have to have them and must sell, sell, sell to get what they want. I would rather send the $20 worth of profit they would get off her sells and go buy her something that might at least last out the day without breaking. I don't feel this way about the the Jump Rope for Heart least it all goes for a good cause. So, we looked at the form and decided how much she wanted to try and get. We decided on $75. I really hate to call and ask people for the grandmothers always get the call! :)

I didn't realize that we were a little late turning in her form so I called her gym teacher to let her know I was sending the money the next day. She called me back to let me know that Kylie had already turned in the minimum required $5.00. Kylie had be taking small change from her piggy bank and leaving it on her teacher's desk. I thought that was a very sweet thing to do! I surprised her with a flower bunch for having such a heart of gold. Her dad surprised her with a chocolate sprinkle heart donut.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Too cool!!!!

I have been having sooo much fun and learning sooo much new stuff in my new life as a digiscrapper. It is not only teaching me to make pretty pages as a history of a our life as a family, it has taught me how to make decent pictures into really good pictures. I took this picture of Josh last night at his birthday dinner. When we got home, I played with editing and love the results I got. These are tools that I will be able to use to enhance picture I take whether they are family or clients. It is too cool!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Double ugh!

Blockbuster just called and wants Chris to work tomorrow. They couldn't figure that out a few hours ago? Don't get me wrong...I tickled he will be working tomorrow, but give me a break. He was just up there! Oh well, blessing is that he will at least work tomorrow. Now if they can just keep him working and happy (ha!) then I will be much happier.

On a happier note...

Our little Joshie is 17 years old today! Yea made it! The birthday person always gets to pick the place we go for dinner on their birthday, so we will be dining at Red Lobster tonight. Of course, this did not enthuse little miss much. Her comment was "Yuck! I hate Red Lobster!" I told her she would be able to find something she liked there and Cameron reminded her she likes their diner rolls. We are planning to go get Josh a present tonight. He is thinking he wants a weight bench. He bought himself some kind of vitamin packs at the The Vitamin Shoppe that are supposed to help you cut your muscles....he is really trying to define his abs. I am sure it all for self satisfaction and that there is no consideration given to trying to impress the ladies. Josh and Cameron were shooting baskets last night, so I snapped this picture.

Happy Birthday Josh!


Is there no consideration left in the world? As you may or may not know, Chris has been looking for full time work while he attends the fire academy. Right now isn't the easiest time to in the job looking market. He applied awhile back with a temp agency that supplies the Blockbuster Distribution Center. He got an email late the day before yesterday, but the content was missing. By the time he heard back from them about it, they wanted him at a orientation in about 10 mins. They told him to come on in so he headed home from the station to change and go up there.

This is where Murphy's Law comes into play! His car broke down. His chief at the station (who owns a auto repair shop) came and got the car and is checking it. Chris got a ride up to McKinney and the end result was that they told him he would be working 3 - 12 hour days per week. They told him for this week he would work Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Then starting next week, he would work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 5:30am til 6:00pm or so. Since his car is in the shop Roger got him up this morning (which was not easy!) and took him to work. Had his radio toned out for a fire he would have bounced out of bed with out a second thought, but to go to work - he had to be drug out of bed by his toenails! They drove to McKinney, dropped Chris off and Roger headed home. Just as Roger walks back in the house, he gets a text from Chris. "No work today, will explain. Can you come back and get me?" UGH!!!! Not that it is THAT far...but Roger spent close 1 1/2 hours making that trip twice. Not to mention getting up 45 mins earlier just to be ready to go.

They said they would call him after 3:30 today IF they will need him tomorrow. Ugh! If..there can't be an IF!!! He needs to be working!!! Don't they get that? On the upside, he has an interview Sunday with a new Target that is opening for a position in their electronics department. Hopefully something will come through somewhere...soon! As for his car, they think it might be the computer. I really don't like that Murphy guy!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

#3 Done and done...

For this weeks lesson I used pictures from Cameron's 15th bday. I love the subtle muted picture in the corner. This is a technique I have done in a couple other layouts, but there are so many different ways to get this effect..and I just learned another one! Cool beans!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Cover girl...

Well, I took Liz's lead and duplicated my own version of her cover page for mine. I am trying to stay caught up on my pages for this year as I go. This is kind of hard to do and stay caught up with the class pages and normal life stuff also. But it will happen!

Moving along...

Well I finally finished my week 4 & 5 layout. Don't have time to type much now..ttyl!