Friday, November 18, 2011

***WARNING*** You might gain weight by reading this post...

I have a confession to make and I know this is going to surprise some of you.  This is something I need to say...I like to bake!

I think my family will be the ones most surprised by this disclosure.  I am sure they will be trying to find out why I don't do it more often if I like to do?  I guess I really don't have a reason...just same one that get used for everything.  No time!  Like with everything I do...I have a tendency to get carried away.  I like to take things that one more step and some would say (although not to my face!) that one step is one step to many. Don't believe me?

I like to set the table with elevations..I don't like a flat table.  Levels make it more party like to me!

I love to make pretty pies...not just ones that taste good!  And I make them all from scratch.

This one has "lots" of little tiny hand formed leaves placed around the edge of the crust!  And I pick out as many unbroken pecans as I can to layer on the top.  I like them unbroken! :)

Now that being said...I found a new toy that I can't wait to play with.  It is the Cricut Cake!  Wait..let me try that again...It is the Cricut Cake!!!  You guys must not be listening...I said...IT IS THE CRICUT CAKE!!!!!  There really should be more applause and maybe a standing ovation here people!

Apparently you don't know what one is so I will provide the link and let you self educate!

Now that you fully comprehend the awesomeness that is the Cricut Cake...I am sure you are all feeling the appropriate about of reverence now!  And that you all share my eager anticipation for the arrival of mine!  I knew I should have sprung for the rush shipping...dang it dang it dang it!!!! 

So, stay tuned for more from me and Kylie; as I can't wait to share what I am sure will be pure creative holiday goody awesomeness over the next few weeks!

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